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Kongoni Linux Distro January 16, 2010

Posted by endare in Slax.
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Kongoni is the Shona word for a Gnu (also known as a Wildebeest) the animal which inspired the name of the GNU operating system. The name represents the spirit and history of Kongoni, a GNU/Linux operating system of African origin.

Kongoni is a desktop oriented operating system with a strong belief in being truly free software. This means that Kongoni will neither include nor ship any software not under a license approved by the free software foundation.

The system is meant to be easy to install, use and customize. Kongoni targets 32 and 64 bit Intel compatible chipsets with native versions for each.
The core OS is shipped as a runnable and installable live CD. Each version is compatible with the slackware release it is based on and can natively install packages for slackware (32-bit) and bluewhite64 (64-bit) respectively.

Our own shipped packages use a powerful mechanism for installation knowns as ports. Ports mean that the programs are downloaded as source and packages are then built automatically (no user knowledge required). This means smaller bandwidth requirements (a big concern in Africa) and programs that run faster and use less memory.

The system includes several pieces of our own code including:

  • The installer (Stable, but needs improvements)
  • KISS: Kongoni Integrated Setup System an easy to use tool for doing common system configuration tasks.
  • PIG: Ports Installation GUI: An easy to use tool for installing and managing programs.

All our releases are named after great philosophers and thus far we have released: Aristotle, Sophocles and Nietzsche.

Home Page : http://www.kongoni.co.za

Download Miror   : http://www.kongoni.co.za/downloads-1/mirrors


Iso File : http://download.kongoni.co.za/kongoni/iso/1.12.2/kongoni32.nietsczhe-1_12_2.iso


Zenwalk Linux Distro January 15, 2010

Posted by endare in Slax.
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  •  Based on: Slackware
  •  Origin: France
  •  Architecture: i486, i686
  • Desktop: GNOME, WMaker, Xfce Category:
  • Desktop, Live CD Status: Active

Zenwalk Linux (formerly Minislack) is a Slackware-based GNU/Linux operating system with a goal of being slim and fast by using only one application per task and with focus on graphical desktop and multimedia usage. Zenwalk features the latest Linux technology along with a complete programming environment and libraries to provide an ideal platform for application programmers. Zenwalk’s modular approach also provides a simple way to convert Zenwalk Linux into a finely-tuned modern server (e.g. LAMP, messaging, file sharing).It is a complete system with software for Internet browsing, mail, chat, multimedia and office, as well as for programming in C, Perl, Python and Ruby. The main objectives of Zenwalk Linux are to be simple and fast, provide one application per task, be a complete development and desktop environment and to be small enough to fit on a 400MB ISO image.

Home Page : http://www.zenwalk.org/

Download   : http://www.zenwalk.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=1

Frugalware Linux January 15, 2010

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Based on: Independent Origin: Hungary Architecture: i686, powerpc, x86_64 Desktop: Blackbox, Fluxbox, GNOME, IceWM, KDE, LXDE, Openbox, WMaker, Xfce Category: Desktop Status: Active

Frugalware Linux is an independently developed general purpose desktop Linux distribution designed for intermediate users. It follows simple Slackware-like design concepts and includes the “pacman” package management utility from Arch Linux

Home Page : http://frugalware.org/

Download   : http://frugalware.org/download

BackTrack December 12, 2009

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backtrack The first public release of  BackTrack, a SLAX-based live CD with a collection of security and penetration testing tools, is now available: “Yes, it’s out there and its wild. Remote-Exploit would like to introduce BackTrack – the consolidation of the two leading penetration testing live CD distributions – WHAX and Auditor. The new distro features the best of both distributions, and lots of nifty features, including the latest tools and exploits, an appealing interface, accessibility, and rich Python development environment.” Visit the project’s news page to find out more about the release. Download: backtrack-beta-05022006.iso (625MB, MD5).

 • 2009-06-20: Development Release: BackTrack 4 Pre-Final
 • 2009-02-11: Development Release: BackTrack 4 Beta
 • 2007-03-07: Distribution Release: BackTrack 2.0
 • 2006-05-26: Distribution Release: BackTrack 1.0
 • 2006-02-05: Development Release: BackTrack 3.0 Beta
 • 2005-06-22: Distribution Release: Auditor Security Linux 200605



AUSTRUMI December 12, 2009

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austrumiAUSTRUMI is a small, business card-size live CD based on Slackware Linux. Version 0.9.9 has been released with the following changes: “removed SQLite, added PostgreSQL, added phpPgAdmin; updated system libs glib2, GTK+2, Glade; added Dillo, wget; removed GQview, added GImageView; added Pavuk – multiprotocol file grabber; updated AbiWord, fbpanel, Firefox, Gnumeric, Hydra, LAME, Nmap, vsftpd, XChat, X.Org; removed game gSoko added games Bombic, FloboPuyo, Digger; added RPM and DEB file support.” Visit the distribution’s home page for more information and a detailed history of changes. Download: austrumi-0.9.9.iso (49.0MB).

• 2007-06-01: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.5.0
 • 2007-03-07: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.4.0
 • 2006-11-06: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.3.0
 • 2006-05-09: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.2.0
 • 2006-02-12: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.1.0
 • 2005-11-12: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 0.9.9


Bluewhite64 December 10, 2009

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bluewhite64Attila Cr?ciun has announced the release of the “LiveDVD” edition of Bluewhite64 Linux 13.0, Slackware-based live DVD (not installable) for 64-bit systems: “I’m happy to announce that a new version of Bluewhite64 Linux 13.0 ‘LiveDVD’ is ready for download. This new version brings the option to boot the DVD into KDE 4.3.2, Xfce 4.6.1 or to the command-line interface. The live DVD is powered by Linux Kernel with advanced features and optimized for performance. Also, you will find the award-winning K Desktop Environment version 4.3.2 and the Xfce 4.6.1, Firefox 3.5.5 and SeaMonkey 2.0 (including Flash and 64-bit Java plugins), Thunderbird and KMail e-mail clients, OpenOffice.org 3.1.1, newly added SuperTuxKart and FooBillard games, Blender – an open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation, the IA32 emulation to run 32-bit programs, Gambas, KMyMoney2, Scribus, WINE….” Here is the full release announcement. Download (MD5): Bluewhite64-13.0-LiveDVD.iso (1,988MB, MD5).

MOPSLinux December 10, 2009

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mopsThe fourth alpha release of MOPSLinux Linux a Russian desktop distribution based on Slackware Linux with up-to-date packages, is now available for testing. Some of the most important changes since alpha 3 include: update to Linux kernel and glibc 2.11; support for Btrfs and NILFS2 file systems; KDE 4.3.3 and Qt 4.6-beta1; support for Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM); addition of OpenLDAP server; wxWidgets now work; fixed bug with installing distribution to hard disk other than first; the mpkg-core was split, now mpkgsupport and nwidgets are separate packages; finally solved problem with updating glibc with mpkg; wicd no longer needs to be restarted after each login. Here is the brief release announcement (in Russian). Download the installation DVD from here: MOPSLinux-7.0-alpha4.iso (1,779MB, MD5).