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Elive LINUX DISTRO January 15, 2010

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  • Based on: Debian, KNOPPIX
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Architecture: i486
  • Desktop: Enlightenment
  • Category: Live CD
  • Status: Active

Elive, or Enlightenment live CD, is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD featuring the Enlightenment window manager. Besides being pre-configured and ready for daily desktop use, it also includes “Elpanel” – a control centre for easy system and desktop administration

Visit Home Page : http://www.elivecd.org/

Download             : http://www.elivecd.org/gb/Download/Stable/

Mediainlinux December 12, 2009

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artistxMediainlinux is a Knoppix-based live CD with a wide collection of open source audio, video and graphics software. A new development version has been released: “The Mediainlinux team is proud to introduce you to Mediainlinux 4 (RC5). Thanks to the free and libre open source software movement, this GNU/Linux live CD brings a full toolbox of creativity to the multimedia audience of digital artists. Main features: based on Knoppix 4; kernel 2.6.12; GNOME 2.10 desktop environment; more than 200 GNU/Linux free software packages for 2D/3D graphics, audio and video production; final release out in 2006….” Read the full release notes for further information. Download: ML4-RC5.iso (692MB, MD5).

 • 2009-05-21: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.7
 • 2009-02-15: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.6
 • 2008-06-12: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.5
 • 2007-11-18: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.4
 • 2007-04-02: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.3
 • 2005-12-23: Development Release: Mediainlinux 4 RC5

KNOPPIX December 10, 2009

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Klaus Knopper has released KNOPPIX 6.2, a new version of the popular Debian-based live CD/DVD with LXDE as the default desktop: “The current version 6.2 has been completely updated from Debian ‘Lenny’, ‘Testing’ and ‘Unstable’, and uses kernel and X.Org 7.4. Microknoppix is a complete rewrite of the KNOPPIX boot system from version 6.0 and up, with the following features: high compatibility with its Debian base; accelerated boot procedure; LXDE as graphical environment – a very slim and fast desktop with extremely short start time and low resource requirements; knoppixamount of installed software greatly reduced in the CD edition; network configuration handled by NetworkManager….” Read the rest of the release notes for more details. Download the DVD, CD or the special ADRIANE edition with accessibility features for the visually impaired: KNOPPIX_V6.2DVD-EN.iso (3,675MB, MD5, torrent), KNOPPIX_V6.2CD-EN.iso (691MB, MD5, torrent), KNOPPIX-ADRIANE_V6.2CD-EN.iso (691MB, MD5, torrent).