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Installing Gnome Activity Journal January 21, 2010

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You might be aware of Gnome Activity Journal which is awesome.Here is the tutorial to get it installed in just three copy paste commands-

1)sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeitgeist/ppa

2)sudo apt-get update

3)sudo apt-get install gnome-activity journal

wattOS: Light weight, Ubuntu-based Linux distro January 21, 2010

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WattOS is a new Linux distribution that’s based on Ubuntu, but designed for low-power machines. It has low system requirements, which means you can run it on older hardware. But the developers are also hoping to build advanced power management features into the OS so that you’ll have a full Linux desktop experience without consuming much power (by today’s computer standards).

The operating system comes in four flavors:

  • wattOS: The core operating system which features a Gnome desktop
  • mWattOS: Uses the Xfce interface
  • µWattOS: Features a command line interface and a light-weight GUI
  • Substation: A server edition

WattOS is currently available as a public alpha, which means there’s still a lot of work to do, but the operating system is perfectly usable, if a little rough around the edges. It comes with a stripped down set of applications. For examle, instead of OpenOffice.org you get AbiWord and Gnumeric. But WattOS supports apt-get and the Synaptic Package Manager, which makes it easy to add additional applications.
VISIT WEBSITE : http://www.planetwatt.com

Spybot Search and Destroy Detection Updates 01-20-2010 January 21, 2010

Posted by endare in Anti Virus.
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This updates the detection rules. Only needed if you do not want to use the update function integrated into Spybot-S&D.

What’s New in version 01-20-2010:


  • ++ Abox ++ Win32.Webdir.c


  • + AdDestination ++ BPS.PerformanceCenter + Fraud.AntiMalwarePro + Fraud.AntivirusPro2010 ++ Fraud.DefendAPc ++ Fraud.GhostAntivirus + Fraud.MalwareDefense ++ Fraud.SysDefender + Fraud.Sysguard + Fraud.XPPoliceAntivirus + Smitfraud-C. ++ Win32.Agent.sw ++ Win32.FakeAlert.ttam + Win32.FraudLoad + Win32.FraudLoad.edt


  • + MyFreezeToolbar


  • + Microsoft.Windows.RedirectedHosts


  • + Blackmail


  • + Fraud.SystemSecurity + Virtumonde.dll + Virtumonde.sci + Virtumonde.sdn + Win32.Agent.alo ++ Win32.Agent.deot ++ Win32.Agent.sys ++ Win32.Agent.Winsts + Win32.Agent.ws ++ Win32.Autorun.sd ++ Win32.BHO.ttam ++ Win32.CeeInject ++ Win32.OnLineGames.mfaq ++ Win32.Rbot.ws ++ Win32.Sddrop.A + Win32.TDSS.bae + Win32.TDSS.reg + Win32.TDSS.rtk + Win32.ZBot + Win32.ZBot.rtk

Visit Website : http://www.safer-networking.org/id/index.html

returnilvirtualsystem Antivirus January 21, 2010

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RVS 2010 is a completely new product that uses a combination of antivirus, antimalware and a virtual system to protect your computer from all types of viruses and other malicious threats.

RVS 2010 uses an advanced anti-malware and virtualization technology. It clones (copies) your operating system and creates a virtual environment for your PC.

Instead of loading the native operating system, a clone is loaded that allows you to run your applications and perform your online activities in an entirely isolated environment. In this manner, your actual operating system is never affected by viruses, Trojans, malware and other malicious threats.

To return to the actual operating system environment, you just need to restart your PC. While working in the virtual environment, you have the option of saving documents and files so that your data will not be lost when the system is restarted.


Virus Guard (Antivirus):

  • Detects and removes malware and other malicious threats
  • On demand system virus scan
  • Define your own exclusion list from the virus scan

System Safe (Virtual System):

  • Clones (copies) the operating system and runs the cloned copy in a virtual machine
  • Allows easy on-the-fly real-time system protection
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for routine disk de-fragmentation

Virtual Disk:

  • Ability to create and mount an alternate virtual disk/partition
  • Saved files and other data will be retained after a restart
  • Auto-mount with each system start

Access Protection:

  • Lock the interface with a custom password setting
  • Keep inexperienced users from making changes to your settings
  • Hide program user interface to prevent unauthorized usage

Message Center:

  • Notifications of malware infections
  • Reminders of activation code expiration date
  • Other important messages to enhance your RVS experience

Additional Features:

  • Additional program level protection
  • Dynamic Disk caching
  • Access and browser for real disk and registry
  • Quick overview of all settings
  • Desktop Toolbar with right-click menu
  • Program hot-key
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Czech, Finnish (other languages coming soon, if you want to help, let us know)
  • Intuitive, and simple User Interface
  • User´s Help Manual

VISIT WEBSITE : http://www.returnilvirtualsystem.com/rvs-home-free

doPDF7.1 free PDF converter January 21, 2010

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doPDF is a free PDF converter for both personal and commercial use. Using doPDF you can create searchable PDF files by selecting the “Print” command from virtually any application. With one click you can convert your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or your emails and favorite web sites to PDF files.

doPDF installs itself as a virtual printer driver so after a successful installation will appear in your Printers and Faxes list. To create PDF files, you just have to print your documents to the doPDF pdf converter. Open a document (with Microsoft Word, WordPad, NotePad or any other software), choose Print and select doPDF. It will ask you where to save the PDF file and when finished, the PDF file will be automatically opened in your default PDF viewer.


  • No Ghostscript – doesn’t require 3rd party programs to create PDF files (like Ghostscript)
  • Customizable resolution – choose any resolution from 72 dpi to 2400 dpi
  • Predefined/custom page sizes – choose a default page size (like Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6, …) or define your own
  • Searchable PDFs – you can search for text within the generated PDF file (and search engines will also index the text from the PDF)
  • Multilanguage support – choose a language for the user interface

Visit Publisher  : http://www.dopdf.com/

Jet Audio January 17, 2010

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JetAudio is integrated, multimedia software made of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, it also has features such as CD burning, recording, and conversion to other file formats. You can create your own Internet broadcast by using JetCast, provided with JetAudio, and you can play all major file formats, including WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video and audio CD tracks.

Convert among audio file formats, and record analog audio to various formats. The program features visualization plug-ins, including Sound2Vision; tag editing for MP3, OGG, and WMA files; sound effects including wide, reverb, and x-bass; multichannel sound output; speed control of audio playback; crossfading for a smooth transition between two songs; a skinnable user interface; and synchronized lyrics display (karaoke) for MIDI and MP3 files.

What’s New in version 8.0.2:

  • Can edit file list while converting video
  • Added FLAC decoding in internal DirectShow audio decoder (for videos with FLAC)
  • Fixed subtitle display for some MKV/ASS subtitles
  • Fixed icons in Video Convert dialog box
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Home Page : http://www.jetaudio.com/

Download   : http://dn2.cowon.com/JetAudioInc/jetAudio/JAD8002_BASIC.exe

Vista Customization Pack 3.6 January 17, 2010

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Vista Customization Pack is a free and useful language independant (all languages are supported) shell pack for all Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Important: Please switch off your Antivirus / Firewall Software in order to get it installed properly!


  • New Installer offering 2 different setup options
  • Full Installation
  • Goodies (Aero Visual Style, Styler Toolbar themes, The WB Skin, Wallpaper)
  • Language Independant
  • Dialogues are customized
  • IconCache rebuild
  • New System & Desktop Properties
  • New Wallpapers
  • Uninstaller [Revert your system easily]
  • DLL Patching [similar to Brico´s Pack]
  • Msstyle and WB 5 Theme
  • New Icons Installation
  • Modded UXTheme
  • WMP 11 Skin
  • New Screensavers (Aurora)
  • New tray icons(audio and network)

Home Page : http://www.joejoe.org/

moonOS Linux Os January 16, 2010

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Based on: Debian, Ubuntu Origin: Cambodia Architecture: i386, x86_64 Desktop: Enlightenment, LXDE Category: Desktop, Live CD Status: Active

moonOS is a complete, Ubuntu-based distribution featuring the LXDE and Enlightenment 17 desktop managers and imaginative, original artwork. A project created and designed by Cambodian artist Chanrithy Thim, moonOS is intended as an operating system for any desktop, laptop or virtual machine.

Home Page  : http://www.moonos.co.cc/

Download    : http://www.moonos.co.cc/?page_id=7

New Linux distro for artists: openArtist January 16, 2010

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OpenArtist is a new Linux distribution. It’s based on Ubuntu but completely tricked out on graphics – and Blender software.

It is based on ubuntu Hardy (but updated to jaunty in many aspects), features nearly everything available in the free software world. Categories are 2D, 3D, Audio, Video, VJ, Hardware interfacing, Collaboration.

As you will mostly be interested in the 3D stuff, I’ll start with this.

Massive blender focus

  • 5 versions of blender (2.49, 2.5 with automatic download script of graphicall daily build, 2.41, 2.45, publisher 2.2.5 for compatibility reasons and fun 🙂
  • integration into nautilus (own blender mimetype, open with 2.41, 2.45, control movies with blender:anim on rightclick), hidden blender folder in home directory for fast access to scripts folders of all versions and to sequence and texture plugins)
  • collaborative blender scripts folder (symlinked into dropbox, drop a script there and all others will get it, too). many scripts installed (focus mainly on renderers integration until now, all render-related scripts appear in render menu now)
  • renderers preinstalled for use with blender: yafray, yafaray, kerkythea, indigo (these two via download script, as they cannot be redistributed), aqusis, pixie, nvidia gelato, luxrender (beta and stable), sunflow, pantograph. also, freestyle standalone and helios distributed renderer are available. which brings me to the next point:
  • distributed rendering category: helios (distributed rendering with sunflow), drqueue (packed in custom scripts and with help to be user friendly), yadra, networkrender, farmerjoe. Also all online-tools which allow renderfarming with blender are there, with test accounts: Pgrade Grid portal, HGblender ranch, burp, open rendering environment, BOINC, then the commercial ones: greenButton, respower, pouwa client, deadline renderfarm.
  • blender video sequence editor and composite editor launcher in VID cateory, with test project and little intro texts.

Other interesting things

  • 3D programs: ayam, moonlight, wings3d, k-3d, topmod modeller, equinox, gsculpt, kpovmodeller. Makehuman is there, once with the old version, and MHPhoenix, and a script to automatically download and compile the latest version. there is also Sharpconstruct (standalone scuplter) and structuresynth (where you can code 3D objects)
  • texture tools: Mapzone (via wine and a script for download), semicuro, cellule (for procedural textures)
  • shaderman tools: sler, shaderman (via wine) and cutter
  • plant generators: arbaro, Ivy, ngplant, and apparently, tree form curves.
  • g3dviewer: previews all major 3d formats
  • bvhplay: player for bvh motioncapture files.

Useful things beyond 3D

  • 2D: gimp is heavily pimped with all majpur plugins and scripts actually, there are 3 versions of gimp. one is special-pimped for use with graphics tablets: Gimp paint studio.
  • more graphics tablets apps: mypaint, gogh, drawpile, alchemy, qaquarelle, and pencil.
  • djv imaging for image sequce playing and processing.
  • cinepaint is there. with full color management built in.

Which brings me to

  • colour mangement: all relevant tools for linux are there (lcms argyl, lprof, oryanos, dispcal), but you will also find tools like a print plugin in gimp, which accepts coulor profiles of printers, or the CMYK plugin for gimp.
  • There’s also 2Danimation, but this goes out of scope.
  • Hardware interfacing: controls for wacom graphics tablet, wiimote, and reactivision
  • special kernels: there is a highram kernel available, which could be neat for renderings with more than 3GB ram. Yes you can use more the 3GB ram with a 32bit system. this kernel has to be installed seperately, but there is an install script on the desktop

Whats lastly worth to mention is that there is help on board, by hovering over the launchers, or in the mindmap (actually it’s a network of mindmaps), where I tried to collect every relevant knowledge of a software, up to youtube videos.

For blender, there is a deep mindmap which covers nearly everything (though abit outdated), previously called the blendermindmap. (actually, you can reach it also via beam.to/blendermaindmap)

There is also a map called ressources where you can find models, textures, mocapdata, sounds, etc.

And best of all – its free and online. The help (which is the hompage, too for now) And the os. go to www.openartisthq.org for download, screenshots.

Kongoni Linux Distro January 16, 2010

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Kongoni is the Shona word for a Gnu (also known as a Wildebeest) the animal which inspired the name of the GNU operating system. The name represents the spirit and history of Kongoni, a GNU/Linux operating system of African origin.

Kongoni is a desktop oriented operating system with a strong belief in being truly free software. This means that Kongoni will neither include nor ship any software not under a license approved by the free software foundation.

The system is meant to be easy to install, use and customize. Kongoni targets 32 and 64 bit Intel compatible chipsets with native versions for each.
The core OS is shipped as a runnable and installable live CD. Each version is compatible with the slackware release it is based on and can natively install packages for slackware (32-bit) and bluewhite64 (64-bit) respectively.

Our own shipped packages use a powerful mechanism for installation knowns as ports. Ports mean that the programs are downloaded as source and packages are then built automatically (no user knowledge required). This means smaller bandwidth requirements (a big concern in Africa) and programs that run faster and use less memory.

The system includes several pieces of our own code including:

  • The installer (Stable, but needs improvements)
  • KISS: Kongoni Integrated Setup System an easy to use tool for doing common system configuration tasks.
  • PIG: Ports Installation GUI: An easy to use tool for installing and managing programs.

All our releases are named after great philosophers and thus far we have released: Aristotle, Sophocles and Nietzsche.

Home Page : http://www.kongoni.co.za

Download Miror   : http://www.kongoni.co.za/downloads-1/mirrors


Iso File : http://download.kongoni.co.za/kongoni/iso/1.12.2/kongoni32.nietsczhe-1_12_2.iso