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TinyMe linux Distro January 16, 2010

Posted by endare in mandriva.
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  • Based on: Mandriva, Unity
  • Origin: USA
  • Architecture: i586
  • Desktop: Openbox
  • Category: Desktop, Live CD, Old Computers
  • Status: Active

TinyMe is a Unity Linux-based mini-distribution. It exists to ease installation of Unity Linux on older computers, to provide a minimal installation for developers, and to deliver a fast Linux installation for where only the bare essentials are needed.

TinyMe making your computing experience as bloat and lag-free as possible. We do this for those of you who have old computers, like to mess around with small/fast systems, or just want a minimal environment. TinyMe is comparable to distributions like Puppy, AntiX, ZenWalk, and DSL.

Home Page : http://tinymelinux.com/

Download   :  http://www.tinymelinux.com/doku.php/download


1. Business13 - April 7, 2010

I like linux…

2. Bob Greene - December 11, 2015

I know this is irrelevant to the OS performance, but that desktop photo of a wind-swept, grassy plan under brooding sky is entrancing. Where did you find that– is it part of the standard / default installation?

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