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VLOS January 15, 2010

Posted by endare in gentoo.
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The first beta of VLOS 2.0, a Gentoo-based desktop Linux distribution, is now available for download and testing: “We are proud to announce the first beta release of the upcoming VLOS 2.0 live DVD. Changelog: NVIDIA and ATI drivers now automatically detected and configured; VLOS now mounts NTFS drives automatically; Compiz enabled when 3D card is available; updated to Linux kernel 2.6.32; Flash and Java plugins now installed by default; Gwibber Twitter client, Pitivi video editor, OpenOffice.org, WINE, Hulu desktop, Inkscape and GIMP now installed by default; synchronize your iPod Touch and iPod 3G with latest gtkpod + iFuse; instant messengers – Skype, Emesene, Empathy or Pidgin; manage your photos with F-spot.” Here is the complete release announcement. Interested alpha testers can download the live DVD images via BitTorrent: Vidalinux_2.0_beta1_i686.iso (1,301MB, MD5), Vidalinux_2.0_beta1_amd64.iso (1,400MB, MD5).



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