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Nexenta linux distro January 14, 2010

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Anil Gulecha has announced the availability of the third alpha release of Nexenta Core Platform 3.0, an OpenSolaris distribution for x86/x64 servers, with a fast and easy-to-install regular releases and a selection of tightly-integrated applications: “On behalf of the Nexenta project, I’d like to announce the availability of Nexenta Core Platform (NCP) 3.0 alpha 3. This is the third release in NCP3 cycle. The main changes over the alpha 2 release include: move from OpenSolaris b129 to b130; many additional network drivers; nexenta-on-source changes. From the release of NCP3, all sunw* packages are natively built on Nexenta. The complete sources are available in the repository, along with Sun Studio 12 and other tools to roll your own kernel.” Read the release announcement for additional information. Interested alpha testers can download (MD5) the installation CD image from here: nexenta-core-platform_3.0-b130-alpha3_x86.iso.zip (556MB).


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