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Soundbase December 13, 2009

Posted by endare in Audio player.

soundbase_mdSoundbase is an all in one tool to manage, edit and play your music collection. It provides a solid package of features that covers all the basic things you expect from a music manager, but with an unparalleled level of speed and flexibility. The high processing speed makes it the solution for managing and editing large music libraries. Enjoy your music without the frustration of waiting for your system to locate or edit your music files.


  • Easy load, edit and save ID3 tags
  • Locate your songs into different databases
  • Group your songs on any or multiple database fields
  • Drag-and-Drop playlist creation, or play from the database
  • Extended digital equalizer and DSP settings
  • Rip your CD collection into ape/flac/ogg/mp3 files
  • Burn your ape/flac/ogg/mp3 files onto CDs
  • Organize your downloaded files into multiple databases
  • Add and (animate) display album art to your albums
  • Create your own cool looking skins, or use any of our skins
  • Customize the look and features of dajukebox
  • Easily handle 100.000s of songs, even with the remote controln

Installation not required. Just download and run the executable file.

Visit Publisher www.dajukebox.com/soundbase


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