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Mediainlinux December 12, 2009

Posted by endare in Knoppix.

artistxMediainlinux is a Knoppix-based live CD with a wide collection of open source audio, video and graphics software. A new development version has been released: “The Mediainlinux team is proud to introduce you to Mediainlinux 4 (RC5). Thanks to the free and libre open source software movement, this GNU/Linux live CD brings a full toolbox of creativity to the multimedia audience of digital artists. Main features: based on Knoppix 4; kernel 2.6.12; GNOME 2.10 desktop environment; more than 200 GNU/Linux free software packages for 2D/3D graphics, audio and video production; final release out in 2006….” Read the full release notes for further information. Download: ML4-RC5.iso (692MB, MD5).

 • 2009-05-21: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.7
 • 2009-02-15: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.6
 • 2008-06-12: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.5
 • 2007-11-18: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.4
 • 2007-04-02: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.3
 • 2005-12-23: Development Release: Mediainlinux 4 RC5



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