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ALT Linux December 12, 2009

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Alexey Rusakov has announced the release of ALT Linux 5.0 “Ark” and “School” editions: “ALT Linux announces public availability of two products based on Platform Five: ALT Linux 5.0 Ark, a suite designed for making integrated solutions, and ALT Linux 5.0 School, a suite that is targeted at secondary and high schools. The most prominent features of the server distributions are: enterprise-class network organization; host-based authorization of users and services; connecting distributed systems together via VPN; host-based updates of servers and workstations throughout your LAN…. Desktop distributions sport the following features: Graphical desktops: GNOME (Ark Desktop, School Junior), Xfce (School Lite), KDE 4 (School Master); improved interaction with server distributions….” For further information please read through the release announcement. Quick links to download (MD5, torrents) the “Ark Desktop” editions: altlinux-5.0.0-ark-desktop-i586-ru.iso (2,566MB), altlinux-5.0.0-ark-desktop-x86_64-ru.iso (2,624MB).

 • 2009-10-30: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 5.0 “Ark” and “School”
 • 2009-06-19: Development Release: ALT Linux 5.0 Beta
 • 2009-02-21: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.1.0 “School Server”
 • 2009-01-15: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.1.1
 • 2008-10-07: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.1 “Desktop”
 • 2007-08-28: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.0 “Personal Desktop”



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