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BSDanywhere December 12, 2009

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Stephan Rickauer has announced the release of BSDanywhere 4.6, an OpenBSD-based live CD featuring the IceWM window manager: “We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of BSDanywhere 4.6 – OpenBSD at your fingertips. Here’s a quick summary of the changes since 4.5: upgrade base system to OpenBSD 4.6 and packages accordingly; replace Enlightenment desktop (E17) with IceWM, for which we use a slightly adjusted ‘icedesert’ theme including BSDanywhere wallpapers – it starts quicker, is easy to customize and very stable; space we gained by swapping the window manager has been spent on adding the XMMS music player, the Irssi chat client, the XFE file manager, the Mutt email client and the OpenNX client; ddb, the kernel debugger, may now be invoked from the console using CTRL-ALT-ESC…..” Read the rest of the release announcement for more details. Download (MD5): bsdanywhere46-i386.iso (632MB), bsdanywhere46-amd64.iso (700MB).

 • 2009-11-05: BSD Release: BSDanywhere 4.6
 • 2009-05-06: BSD Release: BSDanywhere 4.5
 • 2008-12-08: BSD Release: BSDanywhere 4.4
 • 2008-10-16: BSD Release: BSDanywhere 4.3

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ALT Linux December 12, 2009

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Alexey Rusakov has announced the release of ALT Linux 5.0 “Ark” and “School” editions: “ALT Linux announces public availability of two products based on Platform Five: ALT Linux 5.0 Ark, a suite designed for making integrated solutions, and ALT Linux 5.0 School, a suite that is targeted at secondary and high schools. The most prominent features of the server distributions are: enterprise-class network organization; host-based authorization of users and services; connecting distributed systems together via VPN; host-based updates of servers and workstations throughout your LAN…. Desktop distributions sport the following features: Graphical desktops: GNOME (Ark Desktop, School Junior), Xfce (School Lite), KDE 4 (School Master); improved interaction with server distributions….” For further information please read through the release announcement. Quick links to download (MD5, torrents) the “Ark Desktop” editions: altlinux-5.0.0-ark-desktop-i586-ru.iso (2,566MB), altlinux-5.0.0-ark-desktop-x86_64-ru.iso (2,624MB).

 • 2009-10-30: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 5.0 “Ark” and “School”
 • 2009-06-19: Development Release: ALT Linux 5.0 Beta
 • 2009-02-21: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.1.0 “School Server”
 • 2009-01-15: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.1.1
 • 2008-10-07: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.1 “Desktop”
 • 2007-08-28: Distribution Release: ALT Linux 4.0 “Personal Desktop”


64 Studio December 12, 2009

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64studioThe second stable release of 64 Studio, a Debian-based distribution with a collection of software for digital content creation, is now available: “64 Studio 2.0 is designed to retain compatibility with Debian Etch, to create a long-lived and stable creative desktop. We combine the stability and quality of Etch with a specialised real-time pre-emption kernel and the latest creative tools demanded by multimedia artists. Our tweaks to Debian include simplified installation and default settings which help get production under way quickly. It’s our target that users should be able to get from a blank hard disc to a fully hardware-optimised and usable creative desktop in just half an hour.” A Live CD version of 64 Studio is also available. Find more details in the release announcement for further details. Download: 64studio_2.0_amd64.iso (801MB, MD5), 64studio_2.0_i386.iso (773MB, MD5).

 • 2008-06-10: Distribution Release: 64 Studio 2.1
 • 2007-07-28: Distribution Release: 64 Studio 2.0
 • 2007-07-09: Development Release: 64 Studio 2.0 RC1
 • 2007-05-22: Development Release: 64 Studio 1.4.0
 • 2007-05-04: Development Release: 64 Studio 1.3.0
 • 2007-01-12: Development Release: 64 Studio 1.1.0


BackTrack December 12, 2009

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backtrack The first public release of  BackTrack, a SLAX-based live CD with a collection of security and penetration testing tools, is now available: “Yes, it’s out there and its wild. Remote-Exploit would like to introduce BackTrack – the consolidation of the two leading penetration testing live CD distributions – WHAX and Auditor. The new distro features the best of both distributions, and lots of nifty features, including the latest tools and exploits, an appealing interface, accessibility, and rich Python development environment.” Visit the project’s news page to find out more about the release. Download: backtrack-beta-05022006.iso (625MB, MD5).

 • 2009-06-20: Development Release: BackTrack 4 Pre-Final
 • 2009-02-11: Development Release: BackTrack 4 Beta
 • 2007-03-07: Distribution Release: BackTrack 2.0
 • 2006-05-26: Distribution Release: BackTrack 1.0
 • 2006-02-05: Development Release: BackTrack 3.0 Beta
 • 2005-06-22: Distribution Release: Auditor Security Linux 200605



Mediainlinux December 12, 2009

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artistxMediainlinux is a Knoppix-based live CD with a wide collection of open source audio, video and graphics software. A new development version has been released: “The Mediainlinux team is proud to introduce you to Mediainlinux 4 (RC5). Thanks to the free and libre open source software movement, this GNU/Linux live CD brings a full toolbox of creativity to the multimedia audience of digital artists. Main features: based on Knoppix 4; kernel 2.6.12; GNOME 2.10 desktop environment; more than 200 GNU/Linux free software packages for 2D/3D graphics, audio and video production; final release out in 2006….” Read the full release notes for further information. Download: ML4-RC5.iso (692MB, MD5).

 • 2009-05-21: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.7
 • 2009-02-15: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.6
 • 2008-06-12: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.5
 • 2007-11-18: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.4
 • 2007-04-02: Distribution Release: ArtistX 0.3
 • 2005-12-23: Development Release: Mediainlinux 4 RC5

AUSTRUMI December 12, 2009

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austrumiAUSTRUMI is a small, business card-size live CD based on Slackware Linux. Version 0.9.9 has been released with the following changes: “removed SQLite, added PostgreSQL, added phpPgAdmin; updated system libs glib2, GTK+2, Glade; added Dillo, wget; removed GQview, added GImageView; added Pavuk – multiprotocol file grabber; updated AbiWord, fbpanel, Firefox, Gnumeric, Hydra, LAME, Nmap, vsftpd, XChat, X.Org; removed game gSoko added games Bombic, FloboPuyo, Digger; added RPM and DEB file support.” Visit the distribution’s home page for more information and a detailed history of changes. Download: austrumi-0.9.9.iso (49.0MB).

• 2007-06-01: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.5.0
 • 2007-03-07: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.4.0
 • 2006-11-06: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.3.0
 • 2006-05-09: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.2.0
 • 2006-02-12: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 1.1.0
 • 2005-11-12: Distribution Release: AUSTRUMI 0.9.9