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tkArchive December 10, 2009

Posted by endare in COMPRESS.

tkArchive is a modular GUI designed to eventually handle all popular kinds of unix archives in a single clean, extensible interface. Version 0.1 supports extraction, listing, and related functions for gzip’d, compress’d, and bzip2’d tar files. Compression, appending, and complex options setting are in the works. tkArchive is designed to be callable from the commandline, a filemanager, or metamail as an all-purpose handler for archive files.
Homepage http://thaumaturgy.net/~etgold/software/tkArchive/tkArchive.html
Download http://thaumaturgy.net/~etgold/software/tkArchive/tkArchive-02.tar.gz
Author Not Shown <etgold_AT_cs_DOT_columbia.E.D.U>
Version 0.22
Licence GPL
Source Yes
Environment X11
Status Development



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