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scotar December 10, 2009

Posted by endare in COMPRESS.

scotar is shell script that allows you to extract files from multi-volume tars created by any SCO operating system from Xenix through Open Server 5 onto Linux or any system that uses Bash-2.x and GNU tar. The most common use for scotar would be in installing software that was written for SCO OSs but which can run on Linux thanks to iBCS2. Often, these programs are distributed in the form of a tar that spans a set of floppies. This script lets ordinary mortals install these floppy sets. Moving large amounts of data off an old Xenix machine which has no TCP/IP and only slow old serial ports might also be where this would come in very handy.
Homepage http://www.squonk.net/users/linut/linux/
Download http://www.squonk.net/users/linut/linux/scotar
Author Not Shown <linut_AT_squonk_DOT_N.E.T>
Version 1.0
Licence GPL
Source Yes
Environment Console
Status Stable



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