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anpa December 10, 2009

Posted by endare in Utility.

The anpa utility takes a newswire service feed (ie. AP, UPI, BayCity, SportsTicker) that conforms to the ANPA-RI specification from a tty or file and outputs a RFC-822 (mail.local or rmail) style file that can be injected into some data stream like USENET

or Internet mail. It can also do things like send the article to printers, fax machines, pagers or run any application such as one that would toggle a data line on a printer port to turn on and off a lamp via a solid state relay.

Homepage http://www.lns.com/papers/anpa/
Download http://www.lns.com/papers/anpa/anpa.1.0.tar.gz
Author Not Shown <pozar_AT_lns_DOT_C.O.M>
Version 1.0
Licence Artistic & GPL
Source Yes
Environment Console
Status Stable


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